Return to top Woman Discovers Newborn Baby Buried Alive While Walking Her Dogs, 20 Years Later, They Reunite

Woman Discovers Newborn Baby Buried Alive While Walking Her Dogs, 20 Years Later, They Reunite

By - 21st May 2018

May 16, 1998, on a Saturday night, Azita Milanian was about to make a life-changing discovery that nobody could ever have predicted. Azita who lived near Pasadena, California had been invited out dancing by her friends.

Azita declined and instead went for a job with her dogs along the Altadena foothills. Whilst jogging round the Californian landscape, one of her dogs stopped for a moment.

Confused by this, Milanian turned back to see what her dog was doing. She noticed it digging in the dirt at the side of the footpath.

Azita looked on in horror when she saw what her dog had found

Sticking out of the ground were two tiny feet… Human feet! At that exact moment, the buried baby started crying. “Please don’t die,” cried Azita, “I will never leave you. I love you.”

The baby had been wrapped up in a towel – not just abandoned – but buried alive! I don’t know what could possibly have been going through somebodies head at that moment, but it’s truly shocking.

“He grabbed my wrist and stopped crying,” Milanian said.

“It was very emotional. What kind of sick human would do something like that? He still had his umbilical cord hanging from his stomach.”

They rushed the buried alive baby to the hospital

The baby was immediately rushed to the hospital where he was intensely cared for. His body temperature had dropped to dangerously low levels – around 80 degrees Fahrenheit but he survived. Hospital staff had affectionately named him Baby Christian.

There was a search organised and rewards were offered for information to find the infant’s mother. As you can imagine, nobody was ever confirmed as the mother. One woman did call to see what charged would be made for the mother and also she wanted to know how the baby was doing, but she ever stepped forward.

Authorities believed that the mother may have been an underage girl who didn’t know what to do and panicked.

Azita Milanian considered adopting the buried alive baby herself. But she was worried that the case had been too public and the boy may not be safe in her care. The case had become known nationally and Milanian didn’t want the press hounding her or the child.

Milanian kept in touch as long as she could but when he was adopted she was no longer able to keep in contact with baby Christian.

“I was hoping that he would find me, the same way we found each other that day,”

Christian didn’t even find out he was adopted until he was 17-years-old. It was even later in his life where he learnt about his story and how a woman saved his life.

A radio station wanted to do a DNA test for Matthew

buried alive baby

Christian, now known as Matthew Whitaker, was asked if he would like to take a DNA test by a radio show to get the results live. He agreed as he wanted to know more about his birth mother and his past.

When the producers learned that Azita played a pivotal role in his life, they invited her onto the show also.

The reunion between Azita and Matthew (baby Christian) was truly emotional. Milanian got the closure she needed knowing that Matthew had survived and grown up to be a successful young man.

Matthew calls Azita his angel, he’s thankful for everything she did for him. He knows the parents who abandoned him wouldn’t have been good for him. Furthermore, Matthew grew up in an amazing family.

“I’m here today. I’ve lived a great life, I was adopted into a great family. I couldn’t ask my parents for any more.”

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