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3-Year-Old Has Heartbreaking Reaction To Being Bullied For His Hair Color

By - 27th September 2019
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Kids can be horrible sometimes. But, this is a story about a child‘s amazing reaction after his brother was bullied for being ginger. It all started when Lauren Gilbert was picking up her son Charlie from school. She took her three-year-old, Noah, with her as usual.

“We got on the bus after picking Charlie up from school like every other day,” she explained. “There were a couple of boys at the back and one boy said loudly, ‘I would hate my child to be ginger, I would kill it.’ Then he said, ‘All kids with ginger hair should go straight to social services.'”

bullied kid

“I saw Noah staring at him and he’d definitely taken the comments on board, so I said to the boy, ‘How dare you?’ But all he said was he hadn’t noticed my son was ginger. He only looked about 13. That was what worried me the most – that a schoolboy can turn around and say something so cruel. The bus was packed and even the driver noticed what had gone on. He asked if we were OK and told me what school the boys were from.”

bullied kid

Being Bullied Doesn’t Matter If You’ve Got A Brother Who Loves You For You

Poor Noah was obviously shaken by the hurtful comments, but luckily his brother had some kind words for him. “That night, Noah said he wished he had the same hair as Charlie,” Lauren continued. “He said to Charlie, ‘I have horrible ginger hair, don’t I?’ But Charlie told him he had beautiful hair.

“He has never mentioned his hair colour in the past. It has never been a problem for him before. When he learned his colours he would say his hair was “orange”, but that wasn’t something to be bothered about. When he was born with ginger hair, me and Nathan worried he would get bullied when he was older like I did, but never imagined it would happen this young. It is my worst fear, him going through what I went through, getting picked on all the time. You wouldn’t think people would still do that anymore.”

bullied kid

It’s good to remember that, despite all the bullies in this world, some kids are still great and support each other. Be more like Charlie. Let us know what you thought of this story in the comments, and share with your family and friends.

Images courtesy of Mercury Press.