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This Bull Spent His Life Chained Up, Watch His Reaction To A Man In Red

By - 26th June 2019
bull saved

Cruelty to animals is horrible. We often see cats and dogs who have been mistreated, but less often a bull. Despite cows being emotional and clever, they are often overlooked. Maybe it’s because we like a beef burger, but cruelty to these lumbering creatures is still never okay.

This bull was chained up in a tiny enclosure. He was in an awkward position that must have been so uncomfortable. Like, you know when you sleep in a weird way and your whole body hurts the next day? Well, this guy didn’t even get the chance to stretch out.

bull saved

He was kept like that for most of his life. However, a rescue sanctuary in Germany came to help. They were a little worried when they turned up in red shirts, but it didn’t matter. It is a fact that bulls in bullfighting are attracted by the movement of the cape rather than the color of it. Also, they are bred, trained, and hurt in order to make them more aggressive.

This particular bull was called Bandit. He was lapping up the pats and strokes that his rescuers gave him like a dog. It just shows how clever cows are. But wait until he is freed.

Bandit the bull checks on his friends, before dancing and jumping for joy. He is so happy to be out of his confines finally. He plays in the straw and jumps up and down. It is a really beautiful scene.

bull saved

Bull Rehabilitation

The rescuers loaded the bulls onto vans one at a time, where they would be moved to a rehabilitation center. Then, hopefully, they would be released into the wild.

Bandit already looks so much happier and healthier in the more spacious rehab center. And he hasn’t stopped dancing.

bull saved

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