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Shy Cat Won’t Open Up To Anyone, Until Rescue Kitten Teaches Him How To Love By Cuddling Every Day

By - 6th December 2018

When Jazmin Felder heard meowing coming from a tree in her yard last year, she knew she had to investigate. Jazmin had found a rather nervous stray cat who she named Buddy. The cat seemed very pleased that somebody had come to his aid. “I was raised to always take care of what life brought to me. And every time a cat crossed my doorstep, I gave them a home of their own and all of my love.”

He was at the very top and he was so happy to see someone, he came running down to me. We brought him inside and he was so happy to be there.

Jazmin took the cat into her home, but he would shy away and hide in a corner on his own. He would not integrate with the family or Jazmin’s four other felines. For whatever reason, Buddy just couldn’t get along with the other cats.

For six months, this behavior continued until a 5-week-old grey kitten called Hannah was introduced to the family.

Hannah was the complete opposite of Buddy. While he was a very shy loner, she was incredibly outgoing and friendly. As if by some miracle, it seemed the opposites attracted and the pair became good friends.

She’s extremely playful and loves to cuddle up with you and sleep. She will run around with our dogs like she’s one too.

When Hannah was first brought home, Buddy was one of the first to greet her. “He has always been reserved and shy, but from the first moment of meeting her his entire personality changed.”

They don’t just show affection while grooming one another, they hug and comfort each other. When friends and family visit, they all tease how they want a love like Buddy and Hannah.

Thankfully, Hannah managed to bring Buddy out of his shell. The love they have for other each other is truly special to see. We don’t know if they see each other as cat siblings or if Hannah is Buddy’s cat girlfriend, but either way, they’re adorable!

Buddy’s cat girlfriend managed to turn him into a social butterfly after being a recluse for so long.

Without a shadow of a doubt, Hannah is the best thing that could have happened to Buddy and the whole family is glad to see their love blossom.

Seeing the bond they have formed together and seeing how Hannah brings out his happiness melts my heart.

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