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Watch These Brothers Play A Unique Version Of “Dueling Banjos”

By - 15th March 2019
brotehrs play dueling banjos

These three brothers call themselves the Sleepy Man Banjo Boys, but they are surely not something to be slept on. The trio from Lebanon Township, New Jersey rose to national fame after an appearance on David Letterman, where they performed a stunning version of Earl Scruggs classic “Flint Hill Special”.

They’re back at it again, though, with this incredible performance of “Dueling Banjos”. Two brothers start slowly, dueling between banjo and guitar and the song suggests, but soon get up to speed.

What’s more astonishing than their talents is their age. Jonny Mizzone who plays the banjo is only nine years old, and Tommy is thirteen on guitar. Their other brother Robbie is twelve, but you’ll have to watch the video to find out what instrument he plays!

brotehrs play dueling banjos

The three brothers are immensely talented, and obviously, have some genetic ability to play great music, but they have also spent hundreds of hours honing their skills.

The video is filmed in their bedroom, and all three look super relaxed, despite the fact that the video will go on to be watched by over 8 million people.

The sound quality is amazing, and they barely miss a note. Three-quarters of the way through the performance, Robbie joins in and completely changes the game, with an instrument never heard before on this track. Just wait until you see it!

brotehrs play dueling banjos

The trio is still performing years later, expanding their music styles to include Americana, pop, and bluegrass, and a mixture of all three genres. It just goes to show that some families have talent, and music, running through their veins.

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