Return to top Bride’s Brothers Fill In For Late Father For dance, But Listen Carefully As A Heartwarming Surprise Moves Her To Tears

Bride’s Brothers Fill In For Late Father For dance, But Listen Carefully As A Heartwarming Surprise Moves Her To Tears

By - 8th October 2018

A bride’s wedding day is one of the biggest moments in her life. You get to tie the knot with your husband-to-be, you’re surrounded by your family and friends and you get to have your father-daughter dance. However, one bride didn’t get to have a traditional father-daughter dance, but her brothers had a plan to help.

Kaley West Young from Salt Lake City, Utah, was midway through her ‘big day’. Everything was going swimmingly but there was one person who couldn’t be there – Kaley’s father.

Sadly, Kaley’s father, David Jean West, had passed away in March 2015. But her family wanted to make sure that Kaley would still have a day to remember – that’s when her brothers stepped in to do something truly special for her.

The Utah bride’s brothers acted as substitutes for her father-daughter dance. They each took it in turns to dance with Kaley to the Michael Bolton song, “Fathers and Daughters“.

Kaley’s five brothers – Kevin, Kasey, Danny, Dustin and Derek all took turns dancing with their sister at the wedding reception. But that wasn’t the only surprise, the family had edited the song with some special memories.

Kaley’s brothers had planned a little surprise for her father-daughter dance in tribute to their dad David

The song started playing and the first brother danced with Kaley. But at random intervals in the song, the music was interrupted by audio. Not just any audio, David’s voice. They had mixed in audio from home videos of David playing with Kaley as a little girl.

“I was completely in shock. I know people joke about having an out-of-body experience but that is what it truly was being in the middle of the ballroom and surrounded by my family, and my husband’s family, and our friends and people we care about with my brothers stepping up. It was an incredible moment.”

As the brothers swapped to dance with their sister throughout the song, multiple audio clips of their late father could be heard. There wasn’t a dry eye in the room (and we shed a tear or two as well).

father-daughter dance

But what blew Kaley and her husband Andy Young away more was that the award-winning singer/songwriter Michael Bolton wanted to share his thoughts via social media.

“i’m humbled and honored that the west brothers choose my song #FathersandDaughters to dance with their sister Kalyee at her wedding. their video brought me to tears”

Andy couldn’t believe that Michael Bolton had seen his wife’s touching father-daughter dance video.

“That blew me away. I was in complete disbelief that he saw (the video), and it’s very touching for him to even respond. It was very kind of him and it made that moment even more special.”

Kaley’s brother Kevin said that their dad was a huge inspiration to Kaley and that influenced the brothers’ decision to make his voice part of the special dance.

“A few months back, we told Kaley we had a surprise for her and that we were working on something but we kept it a surprise the entire time. We searched tons of songs, and Bolton’s song just appeared. My dad was a crazy home video guy, and we knew we had something golden there, so we watched all those home videos and took those sound bites directed to Kaley and incorporated those into the song. It worked out perfect.”

Kaley said she was very grateful that her brothers made this loving surprise for her. “This video isn’t about me or my family; it’s about the most important thing in life which is our loved ones.”

“Every single person experiences loss, or will experience loss, in those moments can be deep sorrow and despair. However, I want it to be a reminder that you are never alone. Love transcends beyond the physical body and whoever is going through a great loss, no matter what it may be, you are never alone and you are loved.”

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