Return to top Bring Your Dog To Work Day Aims To Raise Money For Charity On June 21

Bring Your Dog To Work Day Aims To Raise Money For Charity On June 21

By - 17th June 2019

Work is a drag. Unless you’re one of those people who genuinely love every minute of their job, you’ll understand. Even if you love what you do, sometimes it can get a drag. And no more than on a Friday. However, this Friday should be different. Tell your friends, tell your boss. It’s International Bring Your Dog To Work Day!

There’s nothing better than sitting in your office and feeling a warm fur stroking your feet. Unless it’s not Bring Your Dog To Work Day, in which case call pest control. If you’re getting tired, look to the dogs and channel their excited energy. If you had to deal with a tricky client, relax by petting a pooch. Need some affection? They love a belly rub. Dogs should always be at work. But then that wouldn’t make Friday special.

bring your dog to work day

Put the date in your diary and get permission from your boss, as it’s bound to be a great day! Unless you’ve got allergies… But then I guess you have a legitimate reason to take a sick day. Win-win!

This day will not only be great for all humans involved, but great for our furry friends too. The point of the event is to raise money for animal charities. Dog Lives Matter and Animals Asia are the recommended charities, but if you wanted to donate to a local charity nobody would complain. Any shelters will appreciate a donation.

Dog Lives Matter is a London-based charity that supports shelters. It funds the rehabilitation and rehoming of dogs in the UK and abroad. Animals Asia works to stop the trade of cats and dogs as food in Asia.

If your boss is still hesitant, show him the studies that prove increased employee productivity when pets are in the office.

Put the date in your diary, and let us know if you’ll be participating in the comments! Share with your family and friends so they know that Bring Your Dog To Work Day is on June 21. You can also check out similar stories on Happiest, like this one about some expecting golden retrievers.