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Bride Makes Last Minute Change To Engagement Photoshoot To Spend It With Her Dad

By - 23rd April 2019
bride and dad take photos

Becky Carey is due to marry her fiance Matt, and the pair had planned the perfect engagement photoshoot. They had looked around for the best day, postponed due to poor weather, but had settled on a good day. However, then bride-to-be received some awful news.

Her dad, Tim, was battling prostate cancer but the hospital said he could no longer handle treatment. The retired Air Force colonel and loving husband and father was due to go into hospice care. Nobody was sure if he would live to see his daughter married.

Becky didn’t know how much longer they had together. And what they both wanted, more than anything, was for him to walk her down the aisle. They weren’t sure if they would be able to do the traditional father-daughter dance either.

bride and dad take photos

Their last professional family photos had been taken when Becky was a child, so she came up with a plan. So she emailed her engagement photographer with a last-minute change of plans. It read as follows:

“So I know you probably think I am the biggest photo session flake in the whole world…” she wrote, referencing the former postponement due to rain. “My dad has been fighting prostate cancer and his body is now at the point where it can’t handle any more treatment.”

Becky asked the photographer to take pictures of their “practise” father-daughter dance, to which she happily agreed, and the outcome was beautiful. The pair danced and cried together at his favourite song, Unchained Melody. They also cut loose to Pretty Woman.

bride and dad take photos

Unfortunately, Becky’s dad passed away before the wedding, but that made her so much happier that they had this special moment. The photographer did an amazing job of immortalising their dance, and Becky will cherish the pictures forever.

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Images courtesy of Bonnie Turner and Luke Denton