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Brazilian Artist Transforms Used Tires Into Beds For Animals

By - 2nd August 2019
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What happens to old tires when they’re unsafe for your wheels? Usually, they’ll end up in landfill. Maybe a rope swing by a river, but that’s a rare opportunity to recycle them. Most of the time, there’s nothing to do except get rid of them. But this can lead to mass littering and unsightly roadsides. But, this Brazilian decided to take matters into his own hands.

Amarildo Silva is the artist in question. He picks up any old, disused, or abandoned tires that he sees and gets to work. First, he paints them bright colors, then drills holes in them for handles and such. Then, he adds the comfy bedding and pillows for the animals. Then, when he sells them on, he paints the animal’s name on the side. The personalized tires are the perfect beds for home pets or strays, and Amarildo loves what he does. Here’s a before and after pic.

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However, the Brazilian also wants to send a positive message. Not only about helping animals, but about keeping the streets safe. You see, in Amarildo’s town, there is a lot of violence. So, his Instagram captions always spread a positive message. One says, “The Brazil that I want, is a Brazil with less violence and more work. I’m not making apology for crime, quite the contrary, do as I do instead of a weapon, put a tool in your hand and go yourself fix your life and who knows change the reality of our Brazil.”

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Irmãozinhos ???

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He is doing good for the humans in his community, as well as the animals, and the environment! What a guy. It’s no surprise his cool beds are all the rage, but he also makes tires into footstools, bar stools, recycling bins and Christmas trees. You’ll have to check out his Instagram for the rest!

What do you make of Amarildo’s creative recycling? Let us know in the comments, and share with your family and friends.