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Tiny Boy Sees Girl Being Attacked By Karate Master, Decides To Take Matters In To His Own Hands

By - 29th June 2018

We’ve often heard the saying, “why don’t you pick on someone your own size?” in numerous movies. But the brave little boy in this video has no worries about taking on someone four times his size. He may be little, but he is mighty!

If we saw somebody in trouble, we hope that we would have the courage to run to the rescue. While some people might stand by and let it happen, afraid to help, one little boy has more bravery than several adults combined. When this little boy saw a girl being attacked by a karate master, he knew he had to save her.

Now, don’t panic. She wasn’t actually being ‘attacked’, she was just in the middle of self-defense practice with her karate tutor. However watching the little girl writhe around the floor while a grown man pushes her around, it’s easy to see why the boy got confused.

The brave little boy, clad in a cushioned helmet and boxing gloves was taking part in a kickboxing class in the same sports hall as the karate lesson. Clearly feeling pumped up from his lesson, and feeling like he has mastered his punches, he swoops into the karate class to save the day.

brave little boy

Charging over to the scuffle, he takes a swift punch at the karate master’s leg. The tutor retreats in shock, while onlookers burst into fits of laughter. Without waiting, the brave boy walks straight back to his kickboxing class. He obviously felt like he had made his point and saved the day. So now he could get back on with his day.

The hilarious video has been watched nearly 5 million times on YouTube and people are praising the kid for his bravery. I don’t know about you, but I hope if I’m ever getting pushed around by someone that this kid is nearby to save me. Not all heroes wear capes; they wear boxing gloves.

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