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Newborn Rescue Kittens Take Part In Adorable Photoshoot — The Pictures Are So Cute You Might Cry

By - 23rd August 2018

Brandy Suppi started noticing a stray tabby cat appearing in the woods over the past few weeks by her home in McAlester, Oklahoma. Brandy has always been an animal lover so she knew she had to help the homeless cat.

Suppi began to leave food out for the cat in the hopes of earning her trust. And it didn’t take her too long before she did – but Brandy found out that the stray cat wasn’t alone!

Brandy Suppi noticed the kitten had four kittens with her

Two days after I started feeding her, she brought me her kittens and [I] wrapped them in a blanket on the porch. I think Mama knew we would help her.

The stray cat and her four kittens were now safe and fed but Brandy wanted to do more to help. She took the cats to get a checkup at the vet and found out they were all healthy.

However, as she and her family already had four rescue dogs, Brandy knew she had to find the cats their own forever home. So Brandy Suppi started getting a little creative.

Brandy got in touch with her friend Heather Scott who works with LaMon Photography on animal photography projects.

She sent me a picture of these kittens that the mama cat brought to her porch, I immediately said we need a newborn shoot!

And the results were sensational!

Heather is no stranger to taking photos of newborn babies but doing a newborn shoot with kittens is a whole new level of cute.

I had to just keep everything quiet and calm — Brandy was a huge help — and you have to be patient.

The mom enjoyed a break, I think. She knew and trusted Brandy so I guess she trusted me, too.

The kittens’ mom seemed quite at ease watching her kittens getting photographed but she was by their side just in case. She even got herself into a photo or two in the end.

We are advertising to give these little ones the absolute best chance possible at a beautiful, loving future.