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High School Quarterback Is Kicked Off Team, Then Coach Makes A Heartbreaking Discovery

By - 20th July 2018

In Charlotte, North Carolina, a quarterback was sprinting 95 yards for a touchdown in the final minutes to try and win a high school state championship. Braheam Murphy would guide his team to their first North Carolina state title in over 60 years.

But two years later, the team barely had enough players to even fill a roster, let alone become state champions. But worse than that, Braheam was struggling, not just at school, but in his home life.

Braheam Murphy was hiding a secret from his team

His new football coach, Sam Greiner, would often give him a ride home after practice and he got to know him over time. But Sam noticed that he wasn’t dropping Braheam off at the same place each time.

Braheam Murphy

I didn’t know it at first. I didn’t know that Braheam didn’t have a home. Eventually, he just opened up to me. And he was like, ‘I have to stay with my sister from place to place.’ … And I didn’t know what to do at the time, so I go into my office and I’m thinking, something’s tugging at my heart.

When Greiner found out, he called his wife Connie and asked if she wouldn’t mind having a guest over for dinner who would need to stay the night.

Connie was happy to help. Then one night turned into two, which turned into a week, then a week became a month.

Braheam just became a family member. He’s been living with us ever since.”

But why was Braheam homeless?

When Murphy was 5, his mom had a fatal brain aneurysm. His father remarried but when he had a daughter who was born with cerebral palsy, the family situation became too intense and challenging. Murphy felt that he and his older sister didn’t fit in with the stepfamily.

My dad loves me, but he had to take care of my little sister, and I’d rather have my little sister being taken care of more than me.

The pair would couch-surf and stay at various friends houses. Braheam never disclosed his situation until his coach inquired.
Sam found out that Murphy’s grades were suffering which meant he couldn’t qualify for the school football team – that’s when he wanted to step in and help.

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