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Little Boy Sings To Bullied School Girl To Cheer Her Up, And Has Thousands of Hearts Melting

By - 5th September 2018

Another school year starts and being the new kid in town can be a daunting situation. Thankfully, for one little girl, she made friends with one good kid who definitely won’t let her feel isolated or alone.

A little girl in El Paso, Texas had just moved to a new school. Unfortunately, she was having trouble making new friends. This little blonde girl was super friendly to everyone around her. But she’d only become close with one boy in her class.

That little boy became her best friend. I bet she’s glad she is because one day she was having a particularly tough time. Some girls at school were being mean and calling her names.

Thankfully, this bullied girl knew she had a friend she could turn to. So when she got home, still feeling upset, she called her friend so he could cheer her up. But he did a lot more than just give her some encouraging words on the phone.

The little boy enlisted his mom, Ruby Jimenez, to help him on his quest by getting her to drive him over to his friend’s house.

The little boy serenades bullied friend to try and cheer her up

boy serenades bullied friend

When the little boy arrived at his sad friend’s house, he turned up singing one of his favorite songs. From his mom’s car, he played “Count On Me” by Bruno Mars and he began to serenade his friend.

The little girl stood on the sidewalk by her house while her friend sang along to Bruno Mars on his mom’s car stereo system. Honestly, this is such a sincere and heartfelt gesture to do for someone.

He’d obviously thought about the lyrics of the song as he sang each one with passion and emotion.

Find out what we’re made of, When we are called to help our friends in need, You can count on me…  I’ll be there, And I know when I need it I can count on you…  You’ll be there, ‘Cause that’s what friends are supposed to do.

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