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Boy Buys His Mom An $80 Gift Using Only $20, How He Managed It Will Make Your Day

By - 2nd January 2019

The Christmas season brings out the best in a lot of people. People become more sociable, kinder and more generous. Even Children get in on the goodwill of the season. While most children wonder what they will find under the Christmas tree, one little boy was more concerned about what his mother would find. Luckily, he was able to buy his mom a thoughtful gift with the help of strangers.

Young Gabe is wise beyond his years. He has already discovered the joy there is to be found in giving rather than receiving. While some children make hand-made gifts for their parents due to being cash-strapped, Gabe found a way to make the money to buy his mom a thoughtful gift at Target.

When Gabe overheard his mom saying she needed something, he made it his mission to get her it. His mother, El Marie, took to Facebook to post about their unusual shopping trip to Target and the story has quickly gone viral.

On Christmas Eve, El Marie and Gabe went to Target. While mom did her shopping, Gabe went off to run his own special errand.

As El Marie pulled up at a checkout lane, a stranger stopped her and said, “Your son is something special. He is an absolute angel.”

El Marie then looked around and noticed several employees rushing around and looking at her oddly. One employee was holding a roll of wrapping paper. All of a sudden, Gabe came running up to her and declared, “Mom, don’t look. Don’t come yet. I’m not through with your gift yet.”

She was very confused at this point as she didn’t understand where Gabe was getting the money to pay for it. He then asked her for the $20 he made working at her job the previous week. So she handed it over to him and he dashed off. Onlookers smiled; it was as if everybody knew what was going on except for her.

Gabe was able to buy his mom a thoughtful present with the help of strangers

At the checkout, the cashier told her that she had an amazing son. Confused, she paid and met Gabe at the door. He was holding a big, wrapped up box.

He said from behind the big box, “Mom, I heard you say you wanted this, I hope you love it when you open it on Christmas.”

Aside from being confused because Target doesn’t wrap presents, mom was also concerned as to how he paid for it. When she asked him, she was overcome with emotion.

When they rang it up it was $80. I didn’t have that much, and I told them I wanted to get you this surprise, so a lady in line behind me paid the other $60.

Gabe hadn’t wanted his mom to see the present, so the employees have helped him wrap it up to save the surprise.

El Marie was shocked. She asked her son if he had thanked the lady, and he nonchalantly said, “Yes, Mom… I hugged her, I thanked her a whole bunch, and I said ‘God bless you.'”

Now it was time for mom to find out what her son had bought her…

When Christmas Day came around, Gabe filmed his mom opening up her special gift. When El Marie opened the box, she teared up. He had heard his mom mention that she needed a new winter coat and he had bought the one she wanted at Target.

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