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Man Celebrates 2 Years Since Life Saving Op, Sees Who’s At The Next Table And Leaps From His Seat

By - 11th April 2018

It was a birthday surprise quite like any other. A fully grown man celebrating his 2nd birthday?! Surely that doesn’t make sense. But his celebration is truly special as it comes from surviving a harrowing event.

Bruce Becke was celebrating two years since getting a bone marrow transplant that saved his life.  So his family wanted to throw him a celebratory meal out with a cake and a very special surprise. It was his 62nd birthday but he wanted to celebrate his 2nd as a fresh start thanks to the hero who donated his bone marrow to save his life.

There was a guest in attendance at his party without him realising… It was the young man who donated the marrow which saved Bruce’s life.

Bruce had been given the gift of life thanks to one very generous young man

Bruce, the recipient of the bone marrow got into a conversation with the table next to him who asked why a man of his age was celebrating his 2nd birthday. Little did he know, the people on the table next to him was the young man who was his donor and his mom.

The donor was a “26-year-old kid from Baltimore, Maryland” named Mike Drisgill. So when Bruce starts telling the family next to him about his survival and the boy who gave him the gift of life, he couldn’t help but drop his jaw when he realised Mike was sitting right next to him.

This encounter tugged on our heart-strings as Bruce immediately grabbed Mike for a hug to say thank you for his incredible act of kindness. Their interaction genuinely brought a tear to my eye.

If you want to learn more about how you can donate or register as a donor, click here to learn more.

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