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14-Year-Old Diagnosed With Cancer Comes Face To Face With The Man Who Saved His Life

By - 14th June 2018

Giving somebody the gift of life is truly one of the greatest things you can do in the world. For one man, becoming a bone marrow donor was a no-brainer. But his actions lead to one of the most emotional meetings of all time.

bone marrow donor

“How far would you go to save someone you’ve never met?” was asked by one of the hosts of The View. Well, for one man, what seems like a fairly obvious decision is actually quite a big one for most people.

Kevin Oldenburg, a bone marrow donor appeared on the ABC talk show to discuss the importance of becoming a donor

Kevin wanted to share his story of how he saved a stranger’s life by simply registering to become a bone marrow donor at a county fair 8 years ago. When he was first asked to be a donor, Kevin had never heard of the procedure. However, he agreed, gave a DNA sample and signed up. Two years later, Kevin was contacted as he was a match to someone in need.

“I forgot entirely that I got swabbed until that package came”

Oldenburg said the only information about the patient he received was that the recipient was a 13-year-old boy named Jeremiah who had leukaemia. A year after the transplant, Kevin was allowed to contact him.

bone marrow donor

“We’ve had several emails back and forth, and it’s just amazing to put a name and face with somebody who is now your twin, because he will bleed my blood for the rest of his life. We share DNA at this point.”

Kevin was in for a surprise – a very special meeting with the boy whose life he saved

The View then showed a prerecorded interview with Jeremiah and his family where he explains that the first transplant was largely unsuccessful. Thankfully, Kevin was found to be a perfect match and was called a “super donor”. The procedure was a huge success and Jeremiah kept getting better and better.

Now, at age 20, Kevin wanted to meet the man on his 20th birthday. Thankfully, The View had the perfect surprise in store for Kevin who had no idea that Jeremiah was going to make an appearance.

Jeremiah, now in remission, was thrilled to meet Kevin who was sat in tears on the couch.

“There’s so little words to describe it. I’ve thought about this moment for a very long time. What can you say to someone who gave you a second chance at life but thanks you?”

Kevin was still teary-eyed listening to Kevin’s kind words. It was the first time Kevin got to meet his ‘twin’ and the emotional moment left the hosts and the audience crying as well.

“There’s no way to really reciprocate what you’ve done for me, but since you’ve given me the gift of time, I thought I’d give you the gift of time as well.”

Jeremiah then pulled out a present he’d got for Kevin. Then the hosts of The View surprised Jeremiah with a present of his own before telling the pair that most members of their audience (and themselves) became bone marrow donors before the show by simply having a swab taken.

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