Return to top Wild Bobcat Says Incredible ‘Thank You’ To Boy Who Rescued Him From Forest Fire

Wild Bobcat Says Incredible ‘Thank You’ To Boy Who Rescued Him From Forest Fire

By - 10th September 2018

Sadly, a large section of the United States has been affected by forest fires in the past 10 years. California, Tennessee, Oregon and Arizona have all suffered from millions of people having to endure the devastation that has been caused by the raging fires. For one bobcat, finding a new home was all he needed!

But as you’re all well aware, it’s not just humans that are affected. Animals also feel the devastation as many are killed or lose their habitats. The wildlife is at a huge risk due to these forest fires.

The Kraus family know all too well how life can change after a wildfire tore through their hometown. Luckily, their home managed to avoid the devastation but the wildlife around them wasn’t as fortunate.

George Kraus discovered two frightened creatures who were exhausted and troubled. A wildcat and a fawn were struggling to catch their breath through the smoke of the forest fire.

This bobcat managed to find refuge in the Kraus house

bobcat rescue

George loves rescuing animals so as an avid animal rescuer, he brought the two creatures to his home to help nurse them back to health.

It wasn’t long before the two creatures integrated with the other pets and they adapted to their new family life. After months of trust building, the bobcat, which they named Benji, entered the Kraus family as one of their own pets.

Benji started to snuggle with the family, play with toys and rest on the furniture. Even though Benji has become a house pet and has been part of the Kraus family for years, we recommend you don’t do this yourself. George is an experienced animal rescuer and with the right team and resources, he’s managed to help this bobcat.

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