Return to top Blind Dog Gets The Surgery He Needs To See, And 14 Million People Are In Tears Over His Reaction

Blind Dog Gets The Surgery He Needs To See, And 14 Million People Are In Tears Over His Reaction

By - 9th November 2018

Seeing is something that we literally take for granted. But losing your eyesight can be one of the hardest challenges to face. And not just for humans, animals can also suffer from blindness. This little blind dog was one of the lucky ones, however.

But for some people, there are still some glimmers of hope. There are a lucky few who have had their sight recovered from blindness thanks to eye surgery. And the surgery isn’t just for humans, animals who qualify can also get the operation done.

One very lucky Irish Terrier got his sight back and his adorable reaction is one of the sweetest things you could possibly see.

Duffy the Irish Terrier is a rescue dog and he’s had a fair few health struggles over the years. Sadly, he developed diabetes and because of this, he lost his eyesight due to the illness.

blind dog

Thankfully, doctors managed to stabilise his diabetes with the help of medication. But Duffy just wasn’t the same without his eyesight. He became very reclused and anxious about everything around him. Not seeing his beloved family really got the little dog down as well.

Luckily, the little blind dog qualified for eye surgery to help try and restore his eyesight

The family were thrilled to know that Duffy might get his sight back. Of course, they didn’t hesitate to sign Duffy up for the procedure. They headed to the Veterinary Referral Center in Malvern, Pennsylvania. Dr Kevin Kumrow was the vet who treated Duffy’s diabetes and Dr Brady Beale worked on Duffy’s eyes.

The operation was a huge success and the little blind dog had his eyesight back! The family captured this footage of Duffy leaving surgery and seeing his humans for the first time in months.

We’ve never seen a tail wag with so much happiness. Honestly, it’s one of the sweetest videos we’ve seen in a very long time. Duffy even lets out a couple of high-pitched cries of joy.

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