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Woman Takes In Frightened Street Cat, Then Discovers The Secret He’s Been Keeping All This Time

By - 23rd August 2018

Ceren Kiran Tatli is no stranger to rescuing to rescuing stray cats. She and her husband love animals and they always feed and care for the stray cats in their neighborhood. They try to rehome the cats where they can, and in special cases, they take them in themselves.

In 2015, Ceren and her husband were walking around the neighborhood when they spotted a new cat. They had never seen him before and they noticed he was running around awkwardly, searching for scraps of food. They called out to the cat and tried to get near, but the cat managed to escape. He was one talented escape artist!

They noticed something about the cat that made them even more desperate to catch him. They could tell that he was blind and most likely deaf too.

blind and deaf cat

After the initial sighting, they kept searching the neighborhood for the cat. They found him a few times and managed to get closer each time, but the slippery trickster always managed to get away. He was so afraid of them that he didn’t understand they were trying to help.

After months of no sightings, Ceren assumed he had stopped coming to the neighborhood. But one fateful day, 3 months later, she came across the stray cat. But this time his condition had got a lot worse.

In April 2015, we saw him again; this time his health got worse and [he] had a broken leg and did not have energy to struggle anymore. I still have no idea how he survived, found food and water [and] avoided cars on that busy neighborhood.

blind and deaf cat

They finally brought the blind and deaf cat into their care. They fed him a nutritious meal and then took him to the vet, praying that they would be able to help him. It took several vet visits and having one of his eyes removed for the kitty to finally be on the road to recovery.

Naming the sweet stray Yoda, they fell in love with him instantly.

blind and deaf cat
Yoda the blind and deaf cat finally had a home.

Yoda loved his new family too and totally trusted them, but he was nervous in his new home. He struggled to navigate his new surroundings and he always had his guard up. I guess that’s what living on the street as a both blind and deaf cat does to you. He needed time to get used to the fact that he was finally safe.

At first, he used to walk very slowly around the house, afraid of any other cats who may attack him out of nowhere. Our other cats were afraid of him too; they couldn’t understand why he didn’t change his direction whenever they encountered him, for example. They must have thought he was some kind of alien, not a cat.

With a bit of time, Yoda started to warm up to his new family and surroundings. Obi, another of the couple’s cats, warmed up to him and realized he wasn’t so scary after all. With his new friend, Obi, by his side, Yoda started to relax.

blind and deaf cat

Now that he has been in the family home for a year, his personality is really starting to come through. He is a little bossy kitty and he loves running around the house, playing with Obi. All Obi has to do is tap Yoda’s paw to let him know that he wants to play. Touch has played a big part in Yoda’s recovery.

Ceren touches Yoda to let him know she is nearby, and Yoda does the same to her whenever he wants something. He may be blind and deaf, but this kitty is smart and he won’t let it hold him back.

blind and deaf cat

Yoda has a very independent and affectionate personality. He doesn’t need any help with anything. I’m sure he doesn’t think he is any different than the other cats. He is very confident. He seems to believe he’s not missing anything at all, he is able to do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He makes sure we understand that too.

If Yoda hadn’t been found by Ceren and her husband when he was, he could have very well not survived. Thankfully, he is now in a safe and happy home with other cats to play with, food in his bowl and a family who love him and support him.

The more we get to know him, the more we fall in love with his vivacious, adventurous, independent spirit. He made us forget about his disabilities and focus on the bright side. We learned from him how beautifully simple life can be.

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