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Drunk Man Sends Injured Baby Bird To A Sanctuary… In An Uber

By - 12th July 2019

What’s the craziest story an animal sanctuary has ever had? Maybe a crazy pet was brought in, or an especially adorable one. But for the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah, they had a story to beat any other. Because one day last month, a bird came into their sanctuary by unusual means. Yes, their latest patient came in via an Uber.

Tim Crowley was at a bar with his friends, doing what he calls “day drinking”. They were enjoying a few beers outside in the nice weather when the unexpected happened. A tiny bird fell from the sky.

bird uber

Tim knew it needed help, so he sent a photo to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center of Northern Utah. They told him to bring it in immediately. However, he was over the limit for drink-driving, so he and his friends had to decide what to do.

“At first it was a joke, like, ‘Hey, maybe we should just call Uber!’” he said. “Then we were like, ‘No, really. Why not? We’re paying them.’”

bird uber

“Petey Uber”

The first Uber they called would not take the bird, but the second accepted its feathered fare. And, the bird arrived at the sanctuary by Uber, with no human in tow. Thankfully, the bird, nicknamed “Petey Uber”, is doing well.[0]=68.ARDhgdVe4Wd9s6vuUlMzv0cXdDT_q4_U5-ok9p2F6hrNhwDtXpgDdOGzopnd4dYoKIeu7y6Hu2g7Mr2etDd8y2WiHDydAhQqYa7YSO-pYAGvtLbE-H0iOaB0Vos5DSyhj7zdUF2l29qHtdu4youBF0UDl0v0_4uT4Nz7nG8_kUWBaKKCmseMih3JOh_yYvRa7FUleCqQN0rGJftsNYRPXnzLEK3winOLaDLrga2934ZdRLZgTF53w_zEKOyagztQXyX-AUS-jjFPf9iBp75JOqGBvfO9ypxUEuINVOFnqkFW_fvAHPu3N7NZqG-Hvs7y1TOA2MtzgZ2ADNqYWLAhHWyP7Q&__tn__=-R

“Thank you to the rescuer who helped this little one get the care it needed in a timely manner and thank you for keeping yourself safe and others on the road safe as well,” the center wrote on Facebook.

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