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Cat Gets Given Bionic Paws In “World First” Treatment

By - 10th June 2019
cat with bionic paws

This adorable cat has been given a set of bionic paws after suffering from severe frostbite. The world first treatment has seen all his limbs replaced with titanium feet. It is an incredible step in the world of veterinary science and could prove crucial to future advancements.

Ryzhik the tom cat was abandoned outside in Siberia. Siberian winters are notriously cold, but this night it was -40C. These temperatures caused frostbite and gangrene on the cat’s feet.

cat with bionic paws

Usually, this would result in him being put down. However, his rescuers had other ideas. His new owners took him to a specialist clinic in Novosibirsk with the hope of saving him. Things weren’t looking good for the poor cat, but vets trialled a new treatment on his limbs. The bionic paws are made of titanium, and are the latest advancement in science.

The artificial paws were created using computer tomography and advanced 3D printing techniques. But how they attach onto his legs is even more clever.

cat with bionic paws

“He is definitely the first cat in the world who experienced such surgeries. The limbs have fully connected with the skin and bone,” said vet Sergei Gorshkov. “The part of the limb that goes inside the body is spongy, the bone tissue grows inside it.”

The amazing technique has saved this cat’s life. Thanks to the vets and his rescuers, and to technology for allowing these advances.

cat with bionic paws

The Future

But, things are looking even better for Ryzhik and his bionic paws. Vets say that he is a little unsteady, but is getting used to the paws. Also, he hasn’t tried to take them off which is a great sign. We all know about cats and stitches.

However, vets are monitoring his progress before starting to roll this out on a larger scale. The unique clinic already offers limbs for cows, and beaks for birds, but this is their first cat.

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