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World’s Greatest Brother Shows Sister Just How Strong She Is — In The Sweetest Video You’ll See All Week

By - 19th October 2018

Sometimes you get frustrated at yourself when you’re not able to do something that everyone else seems to be able to do. But all it takes is a few motivational words from a friend and a new perspective to turn that frown upside down. When this big brother saw his little sister upset, he knew exactly how to comfort her. Luckily for us, mom captured the beautiful moment this big brother comforts his sister for us all to enjoy.

Sarahanne Mora (Welch) recently posted a video on Instagram of her two little ones playing together. But as she recorded the video, she didn’t expect that her kids would become an inspiration to us all.

My babies are going viral spreading a message of positivity, support, and love.

Sarahanne’s son and daughter were playing mini-hoop basketball when her daughter began to struggle. No matter how she tried, she just couldn’t seem to get the ball in the hoop. Upset with herself, she began to cry. Thankfully, she had a mini-motivator at hand to rescue her.

big brother comforts his sister

Her big brother rushed up to her and embraced her. Kissing her face he whispered to her, “It’s ok. You’re strong! Do you want [a] carry?”

The caring big brother didn’t hesitate to grab the basketball and place it back in his sister’s hands. He then proceeded to pick her up and lift her up to the hoop where she successfully netted her first ball. The big smile on his sister’s face says it all about how much his gesture meant to her.

We could all learn from the kindness of children. They love without expectation and are quick to cheer on their friends without comparison or judgment. Needless to say, my heart melted watching this video and I now aspire to be as kind as Sarahanne’s little boy.

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