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BFF Dogs Are The Definition Of Friendship Goals

By - 29th April 2019

How did you meet your BFF? School? College? Work? How long have you been friends now? I bet it’s ages. But would you carry them around on your back everywhere you went? Maybe not. If that’s the case, these BFF dogs are better friends than you ever will be. They’re also super cute.

Kristina Helfer has a lot of dogs. She works for Wise Animal Rescue, as the adoption and foster coordinator. Sometimes, she feels an attachment for the dogs she is trying to rehome and takes them in herself. One of her proudest moments is nursing two pitbulls called Piper and Frank back to health. They were found emaciated and their fur was covered in mange, but she looked after them until they were healthy again.

BFF dogs are inseparable

However, last year she took in a chihuahua called Tito. Tito was in a bad way. He had a large infected lump on his back and a collapsed trachea. This caused him immeasurable breathing problems. But that didn’t deter Kristina. She took Tito in with the rest of her dogs and took care of him.

A vet took care of the worst of his problems and gave him medicine to help his breathing. When he was recovering, however, the unexpected happened. “Frank immediately took to him,” Kristina told The Dodo. “He was going over to check on Tito constantly – just sniffing him, licking him… At first, I was worried how Tito would react just since he’s very elderly and wasn’t in good health. But he took to Frank just as much.”

BFF dogs are inseparable

Despite Frank’s anxiety, he took great care of the new addition to the family. In fact, he earned the nickname Nurse Frank. They were soon the best BFF dogs you’ve ever seen.

After Tito’s worst surgery, Frank stayed with him to make sure he was okay. When it was time for Tito to start going on walks, Kristina had to come up with a creative solution. Tito couldn’t walk very far on his own, but a change of scenery would be good for him. So, she rigged a device so Frank could carry Tito on his back!

BFF dogs are inseparable

Isn’t that the cutest? “When we walk by, people are like, ‘That’s the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!'” Kristina said. “They’re definitely breaking stereotypes about pit bull mixes and senior dogs. Walking them is really special.”

These beautiful best friends don’t spend a minute apart! What do you think of their adorable friendship? Let us know in the comments! Share this with your BFF if you think you’re better friends – or to prove they aren’t doing enough for you! You can also read similar stories on Happiest.

BFF dogs are inseparable