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Rescued Dog Never Wagged His Tail, But Thanks To A Miracle, His Transformation Is Unbelievable

By - 30th November 2018

There’s no greater love you can find in the world than from a dog. It’s an unconditional love that you won’t find anywhere else; there’s a reason why we call them man’s best friend.

For all of you who have dogs, you will know that I’m preaching to the choir here. Dogs are just loyal, loveable creatures. Unfortunately, not every human treats their dogs with the respect, love or care that they deserve.

There’s nothing sadder, crueler and more disappointing to find out that there are still dogs out in the world who are neglected, mistreated and abused. We’re going to tell you a story of one sick and abused dog called Benji.

Benji was an abused dog living on Houston’s tough streets. But his luck was about to change thanks to some very kindhearted humans. Local dog rescue volunteers were alerted about Benji. They rushed to the scene to find a dog with the most aggressively matted hair and fleas all over his body.

Benji the homeless dog was struggling to survive.

Benji the homeless dog

Medical staff worked hard to keep the little dog alive. They had to shave all his fur to try and get rid of the fleas. They also gave him an intense wash and scrub down to help freshen him up and see what they were working with.

The little dog was covered in so many fleas and ticks that had burrowed underneath the matted fur. When the team tried to catch Benji the homeless dog, he bit his mouth and was bleeding a little.

Benji the homeless dog had been living on the streets pretty much his entire life. Naturally, this made human contact tricky and so it took him hours of grooming to get him looking normal again.

Throughout his rehabilitation, Benji barely moved and was incredibly nervous around humans. He would always look for a place to hide away from other people.

Thankfully, he’s a very different dog today because of a very loving team of people. Not to mention, through the support of some new canine friends. We’re just glad to see he’s back on his feet and feeling much better. Just wait until you see what he looks like now!

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