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These Bees Sleep In Flowers And It Is As Adorable As You Think

By - 18th April 2019
bees sleep on a flower

There are two constants in this world. Two facts that permeate all cultures and ages. Everyone knows them. Firstly, bees are great. They are good for the planet, maintain ecosystems and generally hold together all life on Earth. The second thing is that wasps are terrible.

Now we’ve established that bees are great, take a minute to think about them. They are small, cute pollinators. They’re also fluffy is you look close enough. Physicists suggest that their wings should not be able to carry their body weight. How do they do it? No one really knows. But that just makes them even more adorable.

bees sleep on a flower

However, this specific species of bee is even cuter. Wildlife photographer Joe Neely captured this image of two bees settling down to sleep in a flower, and it is adorable.

Scroll down for a super HD image of the cute pair!

The pair are cuddling together amongst the petals, and this is apparently normal! Joe was taking some pictures with his fiancé Niccole when she stumbled upon the snuggling bees.

bees sleep on a flower

“Niccole was shooting over this since orange Globe Mallow plant that was hidden inside all of these pink flowers and she heard the bees buzzing about,” he told Bored Panda. “Then she notices that some of the flowers had bees in them but they were not moving.

“I came over and study it for a while and more bees showed up. Soon, all the vacant flowers were occupied and this one bee was left out. She crawled over to this open flower and got inside with the other one.”

bees sleep on a flower

Scientists named this particular species the Globe Mallow Bee, because of the flower it sleeps in. And we can safely say that these are our new favourite bee species!

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