Return to top Man Relaxing By River Gets The Shock Of His Life, When Fully Grown Bear Casually Sits Next To Him

Man Relaxing By River Gets The Shock Of His Life, When Fully Grown Bear Casually Sits Next To Him

By - 27th April 2018

There’s nothing more beautiful than the great outdoors. Enjoying the fresh country air, the peace and quiet, watching animals interact with nature… Or a bear coming straight towards you?!

Every year, the largest gathering of brown bears in the world happens in Alaska’s McNeil River State Game Sanctuary. This happens between June and August with the bears arriving at the river’s falls to fish for salmon.

Access to the park for humans is rather limited, but every year, a handful of very lucky visitors are allowed to come and photograph the bear congregation at McNeil Falls. For years people have been visiting the same spot but they have to behave in orderly conduct as to not frighten the bears.

Bear sits next to man to enjoy the view

bear sits next to man

This video was filmed by Drew Hamilton, a tech worker at the Alaska Department of Fish and Game at the sanctuary. Drew was sitting in his camping chair with his camera aimed at the river when a large brown bear walked straight towards him. In situations like this, you have to remain calm, so Drew just sat there.

It turns out, the bear also was looking for some peace and quiet, noticing that Drew seemed quite relaxed, the bear decided to sit down beside him and watch the river with him.

The bear calmly yawned and enjoyed the environment before wandering off to join the other bears fishing. Though this encounter is something out of this world, I bet Drew was quite relieved when the bear wandered away. I know I would be. Still, what an amazing story to tell your family, especially when you’ve got video evidence.

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