Return to top Five Bear Cubs Gatecrash Family’s Backyard And Throw Epic Pool Party, But Then Mama Bear Shows Up

Five Bear Cubs Gatecrash Family’s Backyard And Throw Epic Pool Party, But Then Mama Bear Shows Up

By - 1st August 2018

We all know the story of Goldilocks and the three bears. How Goldilocks broke into the bear’s house and proceeded to eat the bear’s food, sit in their chairs and sleep in their beds. Well, it looks like the bears have come back for their revenge… 

One hot day in Rockaway Township, New Jersey, the Basso family looked out their window to a very interesting sight. Out in their backyard, five bear cubs were having the time of their lives, cooling off in the family’s swimming pool.

The fun of the family backyard was too alluring for the playful cubs and they took full advantage of the free space. Swinging on the swing set, climbing up the slide and grabbing the floats for the pool, they had a whale of a time playing together.

bear cubs

Mom seems pretty relaxed about the furry visitors but her young daughter, Sophie, is not best pleased. She doesn’t want her floaties getting shredded by bear claws. Dad, too, is concerned about the visitors poking holes in the pool walls.

But there was one thing that concerned the cowering family of humans most of all…

I wanna know where the mama is…

It wasn’t long before mama bear wandered into the backyard to keep an eye on her kids. After all, playing in a swimming pool can be risky business! Or maybe she just wanted to cool off in the heat too…

Mama bear stares at the family inside the house to check that she and her cubs are safe to keep playing. When she realizes that they are far enough away, she blissfully climbs into the pool herself.

While mama relaxes in the swimming pool, the bear cubs get up to all sorts of mischief. One shreds up a floatie, while another manages to pop an inflatable ball.  As mom tries to tell off one naughty cub, another climbs the plastic slide behind her back. This mama bear sure has her work cut out!

bear cubs

Little Sophie may have been disgruntled about sharing her floatie with a bear, but the funny scene is certainly something she will watch in the future and laugh at. Her mom certainly seems to be enjoying the show.

Watch the funny family of bears play in the pool in the video below. These little cubs may be mischievous, but they sure are cute!

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