Return to top Man Rescues Beached Octopus, But He’s Shocked When It Returns To Say An Unbelievable ‘Thank You’

Man Rescues Beached Octopus, But He’s Shocked When It Returns To Say An Unbelievable ‘Thank You’

By - 20th August 2018

If you think small sea creatures don’t understand what is going on, then think again. They have a soul and they have a consciousness, which means they understand when something bad is happening and when something good is. This beached octopus was in a dire situation, but when it was rescued by a kind man, it knew that it had to thank him. 

One day, Pei Yan Hang was walking along Cyrene Beach in Portugal, when he came across a beached octopus on the sand. The poor creature was gasping for air and had turned a pale color.

The struggling octopus had likely been washed ashore by high tides and hadn’t been able to make its way back into the sea.

Gently, Pei scooped the octopus up in a cup and took it back to the sea where it belonged. He lowered it into the shallow waters and watched with amazement as life immediately started returning to the fascinating creature. Within seconds, the octopus began to change color and expanded in size as it finally began to breathe again.

That’s when the rescued beached octopus did something unbelievable

But the story didn’t end there. Instead of swimming straight back out into the sea, the octopus turned back to Pei. The next moment was one of the most incredible things he had ever experienced.

The octopus walked up to Pei’s boot and placed a tentacle on him and rested for a few moments. It couldn’t be mistaken for anything other than a sincere ‘thank you’ for saving its life. The octopus could have swum away, but instead, it chose to return and thank its rescuer.

Once it felt like it had expressed its gratitude clearly, the octopus turned away and began making its way back out into the sea. What may have felt like such a simple and easy thing to do for Pei, made the world of difference to this little octopus. He saved its life and gave it another chance.

Over 11 million people have watched this video in awe. It is absolutely mindblowing to see the octopus express emotion. If you thought sea creatures weren’t sentient beings, think again!

Watch the amazing rescue mission in the video below. Be prepared to be amazed by the octopus’ reaction to its rescue!

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