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Family Foster Columbian Boy For A Summer & Fall In Love, Video Captures Moment They Adopt Him For Life

By - 4th October 2018

I have to say, I do love hearing a heart-warming story about adoption. There’s something truly beautiful about someone welcoming a stranger into their homes and allowing them to become part of the family – especially when they already have kids of their own. The Barkey family are one of these awesome families!

Amanda and JoBen Barkey, from California, appear to have a perfect life. They both live active and happy lives with their four adorable children. They have three boys and one girl.

But in the summer of 2018, the family decided to host a young Colombian child for a month. It was here when they realized their family wasn’t quite complete.

Sebastian, an 11-year-old boy from Colombia, has no biological family of his own. The orphaned child was brought to the United States as part of a charitable organization called Kidsave which aims to bring adoptable children to America in the hopes of finding them a loving forever home.

JoBen originally hailed from Peru and so the idea of helping a South American child was all the more appealing to him.

For me personally, I grew up in South America. The truth is that I’m actually a dual citizen and I love and am strongly connected to my childhood. I do love all children, and do not discriminate in who I share that love with.

In the month that Sebastian came to live with them, the Barkey family went on numerous adventures. They hiked the California mountains, went on boat rides, played baseball and took him to see the sights of the United States.

Sebastian loved the Barkey family and they loved him right back

What made the encounter more special was how much the Barkey’s kids bonded with the young boy. Amanda noticed that Sebastian integrated with their family with real ease.

We are really enjoying our time with Sebastian. He has blended right into our family as if he’s always been here! He’s kind, compassionate, caring, confident, respectful, grateful, goofy, and funny.

When the month was up and Sebastian had to go back home, the family was devastated, the kids loved Sebastian and they didn’t want him to leave. The parents felt the same way also so they decided that they wanted to adopt him.

In just one month, the family knew he was the perfect addition to the Barkey’s home.

JoBen and Amanda sat their children down and they asked if they would want to welcome Sebastian into the family. Without any hesitation, all the kids screamed “Yes!”

Barkey family

The kids then video-called Sebastian with signs written in Spanish to re-introduce themselves as his new forever family. Each member held up signs saying “brother” and “sister” and “mama” and “papa”.

Sebastian’s reaction was all too adorable. When they asked him if he would like to join the family, he burst into tears and said yes.

Don’t forget to watch Sebastian get welcomed into the Barkey family in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?