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Bull Has Been Chained Up His Whole Life, Now Watch His Reaction When He Is Finally Set Free

By - 5th October 2018

When most people think of bulls, I’m sure the first thing that pops into most of your minds is “seeing red” and them being aggressive creatures ready to attack. However, bulls are actually pretty peaceful creatures if they’re well looked after. Bandit the bull wasn’t one of these lucky bulls – but somebody came to change that.

Bulls going after the color red is actually a common myth. Bulls will only attack if they are provoked, and in that situation, any form of movement can trigger them – not a color.

But if you don’t provoke a bull, they’re pretty harmless and relaxed creatures. Like any other farm animals, bulls need an open space to graze and roam around. Sadly, some owner keeps their creatures in inhumane conditions.

Bandit the bull was one of these animals who was found in an awful condition. His neck was tied to a wall that heavily restricted his movement. From this alone, you can see how agitated the large bovine was.

Bandit the bull was finally going to get a chance at a better life

Bandit the bull

Some kind-hearted humans from Gut Aiderbichl Sanctuary came to Bandit’s rescue. When one rescuer met Bandit, they immediately cuddled up to each other. Bandit knew instantly he was here to help.

Bandit was freed from his chains for the first time ever and his reaction was beautiful to watch. He started jumping and frolicking with sheer joy. He knew straight away that he was finally safe.

We’re so thankful these incredible human beings were there to help rescue Bandit the bull.

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