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The Brazilian Tennis Open Used Shelter Dogs For Ballboys, And It’s The Cutest Thing Ever

By - 3rd September 2018

If there’s one thing we can guarantee all dogs like, it’s running around with glee as they chase a tennis ball. That sheer ecstasy a dog feels is all in these moments. But while many enjoy it as a hobby down at the park, some lovable pups have made a career out of chasing tennis balls.

‘But how?’ I hear you ask, well, for some lucky pups, they’ve been given the opportunity to work as a ballboy or ballgirl at professional tennis tournaments.

I don’t quite know how responsive our dogs would be, I’m pretty sure they would retrieve the ball and run away into the sunset, never to be seen again. For a lot of dogs, they’re fiercely protective of their tennis balls, so imagine getting to collect them only for them to be given back again.

These ballboy dogs have become something of a crowdpleaser. The well-behaved creatures love scrabbling after the balls on the tennis court. It’s the dream job for doggos everywhere!

In 2016, four shelter dogs participated at the Brazil Open in Sao Paulo. These awesome creatures captured the hearts of the nation when we first saw them run with glee onto the court. But the best news of all is that every single one of them was adopted afterwards!

In fact, one of the dogs was even renamed Serena by her new family after the tennis icon Serena Williams.

Ballboy dogs are the newest career goals in the hopes of getting shelter dogs adopted – and it’s working!

ball boy dogs

In 2018, six more shelter dogs were given this prestigious career opportunity. They were fetching balls during the warmups on the days of the semifinals and the final. It looks like they had the best time ever!

For these adorable ballboy dogs, it wasn’t all easy. Sadly, these creatures have all experienced abandonment in their lives and now they’re hoping to find some families to welcome them into a forever home. I’m sure after the Tennis Open, they will all get adopted too.

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