Return to top Baby With Down’s Syndrome Lands Modelling Contract After Mom’s Efforts Go Viral

Baby With Down’s Syndrome Lands Modelling Contract After Mom’s Efforts Go Viral

By - 23rd March 2018

When Asher Nash was turned down by children’s modelling agencies because he has Down syndrome, his mother couldn’t understand why he was being rejected. He’s an adorable and incredibly lively young boy who is very expressive. Quite literally, everything the agencies were looking for.

Because of this, Asher’s mom decided to vent her frustration on social media… But she was shocked to receive a call from a major children’s clothing label.

Like many mothers, Meagan Nash thinks her son is adorable, and why wouldn’t she? He has the cheekiest smile that fills a room which is what made her submit his photos to several agencies.

But frustratingly, she began to receive rejection after rejection after rejection. Her frustrations built as she found that agencies were only putting kids with special needs up for jobs that asked for kids with special needs.

Companies weren’t even getting the chance to consider anybody else because agencies weren’t sending any other candidates.

There didn’t seem to be any diversity in mainstream advertising or any form of representation for children with special needs in the media. That’s when Meagan decided to make a stand.

Meagan set up a Facebook page called Asher’s Down Right Perfect which aimed to showcase the awesome child she has and to raise awareness about the lack of diversity.

On this page, Meagan shared photos of her adorable little boy in the hopes of encouraging diversity in mainstream advertising.

Soon after, she decided to lay down a challenge to an international clothing brand.

Through Facebook, Meagan did a shout out to OshKosh B’gosh, asking them if they would consider featuring Asher in an upcoming campaign.

And to Meagan’s surprise, the internet got behind her and helped make the post go viral… That’s when OshKosh B’gosh got in touch.

“OshKosh B’gosh appreciate Ms Nash’s passion for greater inclusiveness of children with special needs in advertising”

The brand also said, “We are committed to evolving our process to ensure that in the future children with special needs are better represented in our advertising campaigns.” And to prove that they weren’t all mouth, they signed Asher up to head their next advertising campaign.

According to Meagan, her goal wasn’t to turn Asher into a modelling superstar. She’s just a mother who wanted to raise her child in a world where he felt included.

“I just want him to be able to live in a world where he is accepted for who he is, not for his diagnosis,”

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