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Baby Girl Mistakes Man For Santa Claus And Her Reaction Will Melt Your Heart

By - 17th December 2018

As I’m sure all of you have realized unless you’ve been living under a rock that Christmas is coming! And of course, Christmas is a pretty magical time for most, especially children. Oh yes, kids love Christmas, and of course, visiting Santa Claus.

Now, the festive season is pretty wonderful. Sure it’s cold, but it’s also fun seeing all the Christmas lights and the decorated trees. However, in all the excitement of the holiday period, some kids can become so entranced that they end up getting a little confused.

For example, we’ve found some utterly adorable footage of a little girl getting really excited when she meets Santa Claus in a pub.

This baby mistakes a man for Santa Claus

The video shows the family sat in their local pub having some lunch and then an old man enters the pub. He has a big bushy white beard and a festive red Christmas jumper on. As soon as the baby girl spots the man, her eyes become fixed and she follows him around the room.

Immediately, we hear the little girl shout “Santa!” with joy as he walks by. The baby girl’s parents are howling with laughter and, luckily, the elderly gentleman seems to find the situation quite funny as well.

baby mistakes a man for Santa

He even plays along and asks how the little girl is doing. It’s really sweet to see this lovely old man keeping this girl’s spirit alive by pretending to be Santa Claus for her.

Even Father Christmas wants to have a festive drink and a spot of dinner before he has to be on his merry way. You can’t deliver toys on an empty stomach!

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