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Baby Left In Freezing Cold To Die, Cat Climbs Into Tiny Box, Starts Meowing For Help

By - 28th December 2017

When a newborn baby was left to freeze in a cardboard box, amidst Russia’s bitter winter, its chance of survival was extremely slim. But a hero appeared from the most unlikely of places… 

Russia’s winters are known for being harsh and cruel. So if you’re unlucky enough to be stuck outside in one, your chances of survival are lessened the longer you’re stuck outside.

Despite residents of Russia knowing how cold the winters can get, it didn’t stop a heartless person from abandoning a baby boy and leaving him to freeze to death in a box.

The fact that somebody could abandon a baby is beyond my understanding, especially when there are orphanages that you could leave them at. To leave a child in a box in the middle of a street, in winter, is beyond cruel.

Luckily for the 12-week-old baby boy, a hero was nearby.

Masha, a tabby cat that is cared for by the residents of an Obninsk in Russia, was walking down the street when she came across the cardboard box. Inquisitively peering inside, Masha found the cold baby and her maternal instincts kicked in.

Knowing that the boy was in danger, she climbed into the box and wrapped herself around him, snuggling up close to keep him warm. She then began to call out for attention in the hopes that one of the neighbours might hear.

Local resident, Irina Lavrova, heard Masha’s cries and sensed something was wrong. Usually Masha would come out to greet her but the usually-friendly cat wasn’t coming out. Worried that the cat could be injured, Irina searched for Masha and eventually found her in the cardboard box… along with the newborn baby.

The baby had been left with a few diapers and jars of baby food, so it was clear that he had been abandoned. The baby was rushed to hospital where he was treated and, thankfully, found to be healthy. It could have been a very different story if Masha hadn’t found him in time.

Watch the video below to see Masha’s wonderful story that proves that cats are more caring than we give them credit for. We love to hear your thoughts on our stories, so feel free to leave your comments in the section below. ?