Return to top Newborn Baby Giraffe Learns To Walk, But He Soon Learns It’s Not As Easy As It Seems — It’s Too Funny

Newborn Baby Giraffe Learns To Walk, But He Soon Learns It’s Not As Easy As It Seems — It’s Too Funny

By - 16th August 2018

Giving birth truly is one of the greatest miracles of life. Bringing a newborn into the world is such a special moment. Getting to watch them grow up and learn is a beautiful part of life – and not just for humans. In fact, animals too experience some of the same stages in life as you can see with this baby giraffe learning to walk.

This very impatient giraffe may have just been born, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to just sit there comfortably. He’s already keen to explore the great outdoors.

Granted, his balance is a little off-kilter but God loves a trier. This giraffe calf was born at The Wilds, a conservation center in Cumberland, Ohio.

The non-profit park shared the video on their Facebook page and it’s been bringing joy to a lot of people.

This baby giraffe learning to walk will have you cheering him on

The young creature may only be new to this world, but he’s ready to explore. Sure, his legs are a bit like Bambi on the ice, and he keeps taking tumbles, but he’s persistent in his efforts.

baby giraffe learning to walk

And his determination certainly paid off as this little guy managed to get there eventually… after toppling over a few times.

Dr. Jan Ramer, The Wilds Vice President, said, “Welcoming a giraffe calf to our herd is always an incredibly exciting time for our team.”

Not only is this birth a milestone here at The Wilds, but it also gives us great hope and a foothold to sustain declining populations of this species in their native ranges.

Giraffes are considered to be a ‘vulnerable’ species due to poaching and their habitats being destroyed. But they’re fascinating creatures.

Calves are born after about 15 months of pregnancy and they are usually running around and standing on their own just a few hours after birth.

Watch this adorable baby giraffe learning to walk for the first time in the video below. Also, at Happiest we love hearing all of your opinions. So please let us know what you thought of the article in the comment section. ?