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Excited Baby Elephant Rushes For Bath Time, But His Clumsy Dive Has Everyone In Stitches

By - 9th August 2018

There are a lot of animals that hate bath time; dogs and cats aren’t particular fans of getting wet. But there’s a baby elephant who loves splashing around in the tub. This baby elephant’s bath time is melting the internet’s heart for his playful nature.

As soon as this adorable little elephant sees his caretaker filling the red tub with water from the hose, he can’t wait to jump in.

The footage was taken at the Ayutthaya Elephant Palace & Royal Kraal in Thailand. The baby elephant is rather appropriately named “Double Trouble” and he loves giving onlookers a show.

It’s fair to say that Double Trouble is not camera shy, especially when it comes to the baby elephant’s bath time

Double Trouble loves slipping and sliding around the large plastic tub. He’s certainly not fearful of the water, in fact, he can’t get enough of getting splashed with the hosepipe.

baby elephant's bath time

The baby elephant keeps playing in the water and hopping out of the tub, but he takes a tumble as he tries to get back in.

Granted, he’s not the most graceful creature, Double Trouble clumsily gets in and out of the tub with not much style but a huge smile on his face. You can’t deny that it’s adorable and it certainly makes up for his wobbly posture.

We just wish that bath time was this fun all the time! I’m sure if your pets were as keen as Double Trouble, it would be a much easier task. It would make you forgive being splashed if they were as cheery as Double Trouble.

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