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Baby Elephant Gets Stuck In Watering Hole & Mom Can’t Help, Then Rescuers Come Up With Perfect Plan

By - 29th June 2018

Every mother is protective of their child, but when this mama elephant’s baby fell into a watering hole she refused to let rescuers help. 

Elephants are magnificent creatures and their emotional intelligence is similar to that of human beings. So you can imagine the stress that this mama elephant felt when she was unable to help her baby out of a sticky situation.

The baby elephant had fallen into a hole while trying to get a drink and its little legs wouldn’t allow it to climb out. The mother attempted to pull her child out but with no luck. She even tried scooping dirt into the hole to raise the height of the ground but it wasn’t working. The baby elephant was just too little.

Rescuers were nearby to help the situation but there was one problem; mama wouldn’t let them anywhere near her child. As mom grew more distressed with every passing minute, the rescuers knew they had to do something to help the baby out. That’s when they had an idea…

They knew that they could move the baby easily, but getting mama out of the way was a whole other problem. She would never abandon her baby so they had to find a way to distract her with the least distress possible. The plan they came up with is ingenious.

It’s understandable why the mother was reluctant to let anyone near her child. After all, humans don’t have a great track record of protecting elephants. Population numbers have dropped by 62% in the last decade due to poaching. It’s hard to imagine why anybody would want to harm these beautiful creatures. We should protect the animals we share the world with, not mistreat them.

Thankfully, the humans in this story are good people with the animal’s welfare as their top priority. It’s clear to see from mom’s face when she is reunited with her child that she is grateful for the help. Watch the video below to see the full rescue and their ingenious method of distracting mama.

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