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Cheeky Baby Follows Tourist Around, But When They Realise What She Wants, They Can’t Stop Laughing

By - 20th August 2018

People who dedicate their lives to rescuing and caring for endangered animals are some of the kindest people around. They also have the best job ever! This baby elephant wanted to let its caretaker know just how appreciative it is for her love and care by smothering her with cuddles. 

The adorable footage was taken at the Chai Lai Orchid, in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The business rescues elephants and also works to fight human trafficking. So they’re an all-around awesome business!

Suki is the youngest elephant at the Chai Lai Orchid currently, but she has a personality bigger than some of the older elephants. In this adorable video, she climbs on top of a volunteer and cuddles her. I don’t think the ‘little one’ is quite aware of how big she is yet. Thank goodness it’s not an older elephant handing out the cuddles!

chai lai orchid

Suki is an adorable bundle of joy and she just wants to share her happiness with her favorite human. Even mom looks on calmly as her baby gives out affection; she clearly doesn’t get jealous when her baby cuddles other women. Suki has a chance to live out her days safely in the beautiful grounds of the Chai Lai Orchid with endless cuddles.

Alongside caring for the elephants, the Chai Lai Orchid work to stop trafficking of women in Thailand. Working alongside the Daughter Rising Programs association, they are making a positive difference. Each year, at-risk girls and young mothers take part in their programs where they learn useful skills to give them a better chance in life. They do courses in English, Thai, computer skills, and take part in seminars on trafficking, women’s health, and their rights.

Because the trainee women are living below the poverty line, they cannot spend their days attending classes when there are mouths to feed, so the Chai Lai Orchid pays each one a fair wage in addition to education expenses, medical supplies and providing food and housing. 100% of our proceeds fund Daughters Rising Programs.

So, needless to say, the Chai Lai Orchid do amazing work for both humans and elephants.

chai lai orchid

There may be awful people out there who hunt these beautiful creatures for their ivory, but there are other people proving that humans can have a close connection with these animals. Treat animals with kindness and compassion and they will return their affection. Just like Suki.

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