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Baby With Distinctive Hair Is Winning The Internet – Now Take A Look At Her Mom

By - 4th August 2017

When you look back through photographs of your family you will notice similarities. Most families have ‘signature’ features that become your genetic trademarks from generation to generation. Do you have your grandmother’s nose? Or your father’s eyes? Is ginger hair in all your family members?

It’s a normal thing indeed, but some families have much more unique and unusual qualities that aren’t always as common as eye colour.

Brianna Worthy and her daughter Millianna are bonded with a rather unique physical feature and it’s to do with their hair. Yes, I know that hair colour isn’t particularly interesting but they have something a little different.

Their special feature is actually a proud family tradition. As a result of a birthmark, 4 generations of women in their family have an incredibly distinct white streak in their hair.

Millianna is the fourth generation to be born with a unique birthmark that gives her hair a striking white section much like her mother Brianna.

This pigmentation of the hair gives the impression of it being bleached. Her mother says she’s unsure how far back the birthmark goes in her family because her grandmother was adopted.

It’s very reminiscent of the likes of Cruella DeVille who also sported a black and white hairstyle, or even like the real life fashion socialite Daphne Guinness who dies her platinum locks with some black streaks to give her a more edgy look…

This family will be the envy of them all with their natural locks.

Brianna hopes her daughter will embrace her fascinating appearance and she’s raising her to be aware of how beautiful and special she truly is… And we couldn’t agree.

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