Return to top Terrified Baby Deer Freezes In Middle Of Highway, Mom Returns To Teach Her How To Cross The Road

Terrified Baby Deer Freezes In Middle Of Highway, Mom Returns To Teach Her How To Cross The Road

By - 7th June 2018

There’s a reason that the phrase ‘like a deer caught in the headlights’ was created. Because it is true that whenever deer are scared or startled their first instinct is to freeze. It seems like this baby deer is learning that automatic response very young. Luckily, it has a loving mama to take care of it. 

Jessie Larson had just dropped her daughter off at daycare and was driving down a highway in Washington state when she stopped her car suddenly. Up ahead she could see a graceful mama deer and her baby crossing the road together. Jessie slowed her car down so as not to startle them, but the baby deer became scared of Jessie and her car.

The fawn laid down in the middle of the road while its mother wandered off into the bushes by the roadside. Clearly scared, the tiny little fawn stayed still, lying on its stomach.

I honked once to see if she would move, but she was too scared.

baby deer

Mama returns to save her baby deer

Jessie didn’t want to interfere with the baby in case its mother didn’t take too kindly to her, so instead, she recorded the fawn on her phone. She turned off her engine hoping that it would make the baby deer feel safe enough to get up and carry on. ‘Caught in the headlights’, the fawn refused to move.

Thankfully, mommy deer emerged back out of the bushes to collect her child and instill some bravery in it. The video is one of the sweetest things I’ve ever seen. What a good mommy!

Watch the video below to see mommy deer teach her baby how to be brave. You can see the thought process on the mom’s face as she assesses Jessie. She deems her as no threat to her or her baby.

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