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Baby Chimp Can’t Stand Being Held, Until He Finally Finds The Love He Truly Deserves

By - 2nd March 2018

The exotic animal trade is awful. Animals are torn away from their families and undergo horrific conditions in order to make money for humans. Poor chimpanzee Farah was a victim of animal trafficking. 

Chimps have above-average intelligence and feel love and emotions similar to humans. So when someone keeps them trapped, they suffer serious psychological stress, just like a human would.

Chimp Farah was kept in chains from the moment he was born. An animal trafficker kept Farah locked up in his house while he killed his mother, and then set out to sell Farah as a pet. Needless to say, the poor chimp suffered in credibly at the hands of a horrible human being.

Luckily for Farah, help eventually came to release him from his chains. The 10-month-old chimp was taken to Mefou Sanctuary for the proper care and treatment he needed. But the orphan was so traumatised that he wouldn’t let anybody touch him. (I’m not surprised to be honest…)

Farah gradually began to trust that he was finally in safe hands and allowed his caregiver to feed him, but he still would not let her touch him.

After 3 months at the sanctuary, Farah was deemed safe to introduce to the other chimpanzees at the sanctuary. His caregivers were nervous and didn’t know how he would react since he still wouldn’t accept any physical contact from them. But everything changed when he came face to face with another chimp at the sanctuary.

Embracing the other chimp, Farah finally felt safe as he finally allowed himself to be touched by another living being. He clearly felt safe with his own kind and needed a shoulder to cry on after everything he had been through. The moment is truly beautiful and you will definitely need a box of tissues as you watch the beautiful union.

Farah finally loves to be held because he finally understands that he is safe and nobody can hurt him anymore. Watch the video below to see the heartbreaking moment for yourself. As I said, make sure you have some tissues to hand.

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