Return to top Autistic 10 y/o Takes To The Stage, But Her Chilling Version Of ‘Hallelujah’ Brings The Audience To Tears.

Autistic 10 y/o Takes To The Stage, But Her Chilling Version Of ‘Hallelujah’ Brings The Audience To Tears.

By - 13th December 2017

Standing on a stage, singing in front of an audience would make most people nervous. So imagine what it must feel like for a child with autism, being pushed out of their comfort zone. But for this little girl, it turned out to be exactly what she needed to come out of her shell. 

At the Killard House Special School in Northern Ireland, the Christmas concert had a special stand out performance when Kaylee Rogers took to the stage. Leading the rest of the student choir in a stirring version of Leonard Cohen’s ‘Hallelujah’, I bet there wasn’t a dry eye in the house as Kaylee’s powerful voice filled the room.

10-year-old Kaylee, who has autism and ADHD, is a shy young girl in general life, but when she sings, she finds a confidence that she never knew she had. Music is her way of finding her voice in a world that can feel overwhelming to her a lot of the time.

Kaylee rehearsed for months for this specific performance, learning all of the words to the many verses of the popular song. But this version has a twist to make it more relevant to the Christmas season and Kaylee sings the new lines perfectly without sheet music to guide her.

Kaylee’s performance is proof that you should never let a disability define someone. I bet there were a lot of people who would have never expected a little girl with autism to be able to stand on a stage and perform an entire song by herself to an audience. But Kaylee’s beautiful voice transcends prejudice and proves that she has so much to give to the world and she won’t let her autism define her.

Watch the haunting video for yourself to see Kaylee’s moving performance. It may be worth having a box of tissues ready.

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