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Assistant Principal Lies Down To Help Student With Autism

By - 13th September 2019
assistant principal comforts kid

Day to day life can really wear you down after a while. Too many things don’t go your way, you had to take extra work but had no time to do it. Maybe you got stuck in traffic both ways to and from work? We know the feeling. But, when third grade LJ’s bus was late, it was the final straw. He’d had enough. That is until his Assistant Principal gave him a hand.

LJ is an eight-year-old student at Garfield Elementary in Marion, Ohio. He has been diagnosed with down syndrome and autism, but he doesn’t let his illnesses get in the way. Friends and teachers describe him as having an infectious and outgoing personality. He’s just generally a great kid to be around.

However, after a long day at school, LJ’s bus didn’t arrive on time. Exasperated and annoyed, he lay on the ground. But that’s when the school’s new Assistant Principal got on the ground with him, to check he was alright and to chat with him.

“I absolutely LOVE this,” LJ’s mom Steph Compton wrote on Facebook. “LJ’s school has a new assistant principal this year, Mr Smith. Apparently, LJ was having a ‘moment’ and he got down on his level to help him out. This is why even though we live across town, LJ still goes to Garfield!”

Amber Mckinniss is the student aide who took the photo. She commented on Steph’s status, saying, “It was the most amazing thing I’ve seen! Our hearts melted and LJ enjoyed it.”

It renewed Steph’s faith in the school, and she knows that they take good care of her son. “It’s really awesome to know from a parent’s standpoint,” she said. “That there are people that care that much about your child. To get down on the ground, and lay on the ground with them to make sure they’re alright.”

assistant principal comforts kid

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