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Arctic Fox Stranded On Iceberg Saved By Kind Fishermen

By - 23rd May 2019

A small crew of a fishing boat were trying to find crabs in William’s Harbour, Labrador, Canada. However, what they found was something much bigger. Their boat was around 4km (2.5 miles) offshore when they saw a small creature stranded on an iceberg. It was a poor arctic fox, far from safety.

With no way of reaching the fox, the crew had to come up with an inventive way of getting it onboard. Alan Russell, Mallory Harrigan, and Cliff Russell knew that the fox had zero chance of survival without their help, so they put their heads together and came up with a plan.

arctic fox rescued by fishermen

They rammed their small boat into the iceberg, cracking it and sending the fox into the water. This seems cruel, but it was for the best. They quickly grabbed a fishing net and scooped up the arctic fox, finally able to bring it aboard. Once aboard, they had to find it a temporary home.

They found a box for the fox and made it as comfortable as possible. They let it destress before feeding the poor creature. Luckily, they had a tin of Vienna sausages to hand. The fox hungrily devoured them and started to cheer up. He had been revived by their kindness.

arctic fox rescued by fishermen

Harrigan knew a bit about foxes already. He noted that “his fur should be brown by now but he was on that piece of ice for so long that it never changed colour.”

The crew dropped the poor arctic fox back on dry land, in an area with “lots of little critters and stuff”. It was already looking healthier and more beautiful. The crew were satisfied that they had done their good deed and filmed their release of the animal. They should be proud of themselves.

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