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Powerful Animated Film Reminds Us Of The Meaning Of Life, And It Hits The Nail On The Head

By - 23rd April 2018
the meaning of life

If you’re feeling a bit lost and like you’re stuck in a rut, this powerful animation may be just what you need to watch. Sometimes we all need a reminder of what is really important in life.

Children are born with so much potential, creativity, and passion, but as they grow up, they can lose it. The pressures of school and trying to be ‘top of the class‘ can push out their natural creativity, leaving them feeling beaten down by the school system.

In this critically acclaimed short animated film, a father is reminded through his young son what life is really about. It is the simple joys that make life worth living; the love of your family, the love of music, the happiness you feel when you pursue your dreams.

The story follows Copi, a father struggling to teach the ‘right’ way to his son, Paste, as he starts attending school. But it is Copi who is the one who truly learns along the way…

the meaning of life

This animated short film teaches us the importance of following your dreams in a world that can make you feel trapped in a box, unable to express yourself. Life is pretty bleak without dreams, as Copi and Paste teach us in this amazing short film called ‘Alike’.

Be prepared to question your entire existence after watching this powerful video. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our busy lives, making money, that we forget to prioritize happiness above everything else. Let ‘Alike’ remind you of the meaning of life…

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