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These 15 Hilarious Images Of Cats That Prove They Are Made Of Liquid

By - 29th March 2018

If you’ve ever played 20 questions, one of the common questions I’m sure you will have heard is “is it an animal/mineral/solid/liquid?” etc. And if your word is ‘cat‘ then you would surely say ‘animal’. However, after looking through this list of images, I think I would reconsider and say liquid.

Don’t believe us? Well, we have compiled a list of some of the weirdest, brain-trickeries we could find that prove that cats can mould their bodies into almost any shape, size and dimension.

Some of them appear to defy all laws of gravity and perspective, but all of them are hilarious. That much we can guarantee.

1. Drowning in fluff

liquid cat

2. Purrr-etzels

3. Chocolate fudge sundae

4. A full jar of grumpy cat

5. It looks like someone is baking a cake

6. A tiny cup of fluff

7. Careful of spillages

8. Much prettier than flowers

9. When you overfill your Frappucino

10. Those tiny feet

11. Melting in the sun

12. Snug as a bug in a… sink?

13. Who ordered the Cat-ppuccino

14. Yes… That is two cats squished in a vase

15. That’s one long spillage

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