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Rescue Dog Suddenly Flips Out Near Little Girl, When Grandma Rushes In She Freezes With Fear

By - 8th December 2017

We know that dogs are loyal creatures and they prove their loving natures every single day. It’s amazing to hear stories of dogs committing brave acts for their families and little did the DeLuca family know that when they rescued Haus from the animal shelter, he would rescue them right back.

2-year-old German Shepherd, Haus, was living at the Heidi’s Legacy Dog Rescue in Tampa, Florida, when the DeLuca family came in one day. The family instantly bonded with Haus and they took him home with them. Haus grew to be a member of the family and formed an especially close bond with the children, Molly and Joey.

One day, while 7-year-old Molly and Haus were in the garden, picking up dog toys, Haus suddenly began to act strangely. He began to frantically run around, jumping and acting erratically. Molly and her grandmother were very confused by his sudden change in behaviour.

Molly’s grandmother headed down the garden to see what the commotion was about, and to ensure that Molly was safe with Haus’ sudden change in behaviour. But it turned out that Molly’s grandmother wasn’t the protector in the scenario.

The grandmother stopped in her tracks as she saw the reason why Haus was so frantic; there was a huge pit viper right by Molly and Haus. Haus was warning them of the dangerous reptile that was in their midst and was trying to protect Molly by placing himself between her and the snake.

Brave Haus took several strikes from the large snake as Molly and her grandmother watched in horror. The snake eventually slithered away, leaving an injured Haus behind.

If it were Molly, who’s smaller, I don’t know that she would have made it. He (Haus) was willing to give his life for our family.

Knowing that the snake’s venom was toxic, the family rushed Haus to Blue Pearl Veterinary Hospital as quickly as they could. Poor Haus was having difficulty breathing as he limped and bled out from his wounds. The heroic dog had put his life on the line to save Molly.

Haus required surgery along with painkillers and antivenin to treat his terrible injuries, but thankfully the doctors at the hospital managed to save his life.

To recognise Haus’ act of bravery, he was awarded a ‘Heroic Dog Award’, accompanied by a bag of doggy treats. But the family didn’t need to see a medal to recognise that Haus was a hero. He had proved his loyalty to the family by saving Molly’s life and they would be forever grateful that Haus was a part of their family.

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