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Puppy Escapes From Home, Then Rings Doorbell To Get Back In

By - 3rd July 2019
doorbell doggo

Can you imagine anything worse than your puppy escaping? It would be heartbreaking when you realised. If it was in the dead of night, like in this instance, you wouldn’t even know until morning! By that time, they could be anywhere. Luckily for this family, however, their puppy immediately regretted his escape decision and rang the doorbell to get back in!

Marshall is a three-month-old golden retriever puppy who lives with a loving family in Spokane, Washington. However, one day he got a little mischievous and decided to make a break for the outside life. He got the taste for the hills. He wanted to breathe that fresh air. No more leashes! Luckily, Marshall soon realized that the outside isn’t all that great without someone to share it with. You’ve got to have a human to bring back huge sticks for, or what’s the point?

doorbell doggo

Once he had decided that the stray life was not for him, he had to get back inside. That’s when he realised the doorbell was his friend.  He had no prior training in knocking or ringing, he just worked it out. What a clever boy! Home security footage shows the puppy pawing at the door to get back in. His knock is remarkably human!

doorbell doggo

His adorable knocking is as if to say “I’m sorry”, and who couldn’t forgive that adorable face? Marshall is such a good boy, and he was soon let inside by his relieved, but slightly confused, family. Now all they have to do is train him to flush the toilet!

What do you think of Marshall’s doorbell talent? It’s remarkably human! Let us know your thoughts in the comments, and share with your family and friends if you think he is the most adorable pup! You can also check out similar stories on Happiest, like this one about an amazing 56-year bond between a girl and her tortoise.