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Owner Tells Dog To Play Dead, But How He Does It Has The Entire Audience In A Fit Of Laughter

By - 11th January 2018

When you get a dog, you have to train them. Commands like sit, stay and paw are standards that make every pet owner’s life easier. But some people take the time to teach their pets extra fun tricks and this mischievous Beagle has got one in particular down! 

Sat patiently in his owner, Mike’s, arms, Bailey the Beagle takes to the stage of the David Letterman show to show off his unique trick. This particular show was dedicated to talented dogs and Bailey certainly stole the show with his simple, yet memorable, talent.

Beagles are generally known to be quite stubborn pups which makes them take slightly longer to train than other breeds. But beagles are also highly intelligent dogs so thanks to Bailey’s owner taking the time to train him, he has a fantastic ‘party trick’ to share with the audience.

When David asks Bailey’s owner what he will be doing on the show, he can’t help but snigger when he replies that he will be ‘playing dead’. After all, most pets know how to play dead; it involves them lying down on the floor and rolling onto their backs. But David has no idea just how good Bailey is at ‘playing dead’…

When he gives the command, Bailey drops into his unique ‘dead’ position and everyone can’t help but fall about laughing. Nobody was expecting him to respond that way!

Chuckling away at the dog’s hilarious move, David is pleasantly surprised by how Bailey managed to turn a mediocre command into a hilarious comedy sketch.

Watch the video for yourself to see how Bailey responds. I’ll bet you can’t watch it without chuckling away yourself!

If you thought Bailey’s ‘playing dead’ was just as funny and unique as we did, feel free to leave your comments in the section below and share the video with your friends to give them a good laugh! 🐝