Return to top After Mummy Parrot Died, Watch The Moment Dad Learns How To Feed Baby Himself.

After Mummy Parrot Died, Watch The Moment Dad Learns How To Feed Baby Himself.

By - 25th October 2017

When this baby parrot’s mother died, its chances of survival were slim without someone to feed it. But then a hero appeared in the most unlikely of places. 

Baby Sun Conures require feeding by their mothers for as long as 8 weeks after they are born, so when this baby bird’s mother died of a chest injury it was important to find a replacement feeder as soon as possible. Luckily, this baby’s father was ready to step up to the challenge!

Chris Biro, a bird handler at Bird Recovery International allowed the daddy bird into the cage to interact during feeding time and eventually the male parrot took over the role of caregiver completely. The parrot began feeding the baby full time, something that male birds do not usually do. Way to go, dad!

It can be difficult for humans to hand-feed baby birds as birds are actually designed to carry out the task. So the father feeding the baby himself worked out better for the growing child.

Thanks to the father Sun Conure’s paternal instincts kicking in, the baby grew up to be a big and strong bird who is now a part of Chris’ parrot show in Dripping Springs, Texas.

The baby is now part of my free-flying crew of Sun Conures. We do educational parrot shows at state and county fairs and we work to put parrots back in places they are gone from.

It just goes to show that there are single parents even in the animal kingdom rising to the occasion and stepping up to challenges that life throws at them for the better of their children.

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